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Flora Inc - Super 8 HiPotent 120 Capsules
Flora Inc - Super 8 HiPotent 120 Capsules

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Flora Inc -


At Flora, we have been manufacturing and supplying Store in Germanypremium herbal products since 1965, but our roots stretch back to Germany in the early 1900s, where Dr. Otto Greither, grandfather of the current owner Thomas Greither, dedicated his life to the discovery, production and distribution of natural health care products. Flora has preserved his original dedication to perfect and make available herbal remedies that ensure maximum purity, quality and potency with a holistic approach to health.


Super 8 Hi-Potency Probiotic -


When intestinal balance is disrupted by modern diet, chlorinated water, stress or medications, a yeast overgrowth may occur, causing symptoms like fatigue, weakened immune function and problem skin. Super 8 Probiotic Blend delivers 15 billion viable cells per capsule at date of expiry.*

Minimum 42 billion viable cells per capsule at the time of manufacture. 
(Minimum 25 billion viable cells per capsule at printed two year expiration date.)

  • Designed with a high concentration of L. acidophilus*
  • Supports colon health*
  • Promotes better yeast balance*


  • Intestinal Support*
  • Immune Function*
  • Digestion & Weight Management*

World-renowned nutrition expert Udo Erasmus has created 7 different formulas to provide the right probiotic supplement for every member of the family.*

Udo’s Choice® Probiotic Blends are tailored to meet your needs. The type and amount of probiotic bacterial strains needed for best results will change at different stages of life and under different health conditions.* All 7 blends of Udo’s probiotics use only medicinal strains of friendly, probiotic bacteria.*

By using the right probiotic supplement, you can take a proactive approach to maintaining gastrointestinal well-being, a core foundation of overall good health.*

Udo’s Choice® Probiotic Blends are best taken after meals. All of the bacterial strains chosen have been specially developed and tested for their gastric resistance.* Unlike the live bacterial content of many foods being marketed today, the probiotic strains in Udo’s blends are able to survive the stomach acids to reach the intestinal tract at full potency.*

Why do we need probiotic supplements?

While most people assume they have a healthy intestinal tract, lifestyle and environmental factors can compromise the digestive system. This allows undesirable bacteria to take hold and cause problems. Such factors may include poor eating habits, excess alcohol consumption, chlorinated drinking water, stress, the use of antibiotics in food production and medical treatments, and a number of other factors, including health problems and simply aging, which can greatly reduce the number of friendly bacteria in our systems.

When the ratio of good bacteria to bad is out of balance, problems begin to arise such as poor absorption of nutrients and intestinal toxicity. This can result in gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation, among other discomforts. If this imbalance is left untreated, the symptoms can become chronic and can compromise the immune system and lead to other serious health concerns.

Healthy microflora can be compromised by the prolonged use of prescription drugs. In fact, many women who use antibiotics over a prolonged period of time develop yeast infections. That’s because antibiotics not only kill off pathogenic bacteria, they also eliminate good bacteria. This may enable yeast overgrowth and other imbalances to thrive.

Udo’s Choice Probiotic Blends help support the growth of a healthy natural microflora.* These friendly bacteria are necessary for limiting the proliferation of undesirable bacteria, fortifying the immune system, while helping the body carry out the digestive process as nature intended.*

Udo’s Choice® product integrity is ensured by the use of recyclable, nitrogen-flushed glass bottles and metal caps that do not allow air or light to affect the contents. Our probiotics contain only an average of 1% dairy and soy lecithin combined.

Refrigeration ensures maximum potency and stability of active bacterial cells, right up to the expiry date on the label, so look for Udo’s Choice ® Probiotics in the cooler section of your health food store.


Probiotic microorganisms, or good bacteria, protect us by successfully competing with potentially harmful bacteria in our digestive tract, lowering their population so we are much less vulnerable to intestinal problems and other health concerns.*(1, 2)

Good bacteria are nature’s way of optimizing immune function, improving cholesterol metabolism, reducing the risk of toxic overload (3) and slowing the decline of bodily functions associated with aging.*(4)

A healthy lower intestine should contain at least 80% friendly bacteria to prevent the over-colonization of undesirable bacteria.*(5)

The best way to get high dosages of probiotics into the gastrointestinal tract is through probiotic supplementation that supplies many billions of live active cells into the intestines, which is far more than can be added to most food products.*(6)

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(6) Tannis, Allison. Chapter 3: How Probiotics Work. Probiotic Rescue. John Wiley & Sons Canada, Mississauga, 2008, p. 23.

Not Intended As Medical Advice.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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